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Therapist consultation:

  • (initial) 180 złoty;
  • follow-up 150 złoty

1.Dermatologist consultation 220 złoty

2.Dermoscopy examination 270złoty ( Dermoscopy is a technique used by dermatologists to examine skin lesions and conditions using a dermatoscope, which is a handheld device with magnification and lighting features.)

Gynecologist consultation 180 złoty

GynecologyPrice (PLN)
Ultrasound, gynecological200
Ultrasound, breast200
Consultation with a breast specialist + ultrasound, breast350
Ultrasound, pregnancy220
Prenatal screening, first trimester280
Prenatal screening, second trimester300
Prenatal screening, third trimester300
Package “Gynecological” – consultation + ultrasound350
Package “Pregnancy” – consultation + ultrasound, pregnancy400
Folliculometry with consultation300
Folliculometry, repeat100
Cervical measurement50
Colposcopy with consultation250
Colposcopy + ultrasound + consultation400
Conization of the cervix1000
Radiowave treatment of the cervix600
Radiowave removal of papillomas on the genitals400
Insertion of a patient’s IUD (ultrasound included)350
Insertion of an IUD (ultrasound included)450
Insertion of an IUD Mirena/Kyleena (ultrasound included)840
Removal and insertion of a patient’s IUD (ultrasound included)550
Removal and insertion of an IUD (ultrasound included)600
Removal and insertion of an IUD Mirena/Kyleena (ultrasound included)960
Removal of an IUD (consultation included)200
CTG of the fetus80
Removal of stitches100
Minor surgical interventions: wound irrigation, hematoma drainage, etc.400
Insertion of a pessary (consultation and pessary included)300
Study of the patency of the fallopian tubes700
Package “Endometrial biopsy” (consultation, ultrasound, biopsy, histopathological examination of the biopsy)600
Dopplerometry during pregnancy200
Registration for pregnancy400
Removal of a Bartholin’s gland cyst800
Pipelle biopsy of the endometrium800

Consultation 180zl

Consultation 180zl

  • USD of abdomen 170zl
  • USD of kidney 150zl
  • USD breast 180zl
  • USD of thyroid 150zl

Modern medical services

medical services
World class

Supporting Your Digestive Health Journey

We provide expert care for your digestive health, offering advanced and personalized solutions.

Our approach is holistic, focusing on improving your overall well-being while addressing specific digestive concerns with care and expertise.


Empowering Women's Health and Wellness

Our clinic is a sanctuary for women’s health, offering compassionate care and comprehensive services.

We focus on empowering women at every stage of life, ensuring comfort, confidentiality, and expert guidance.


Nurturing Your Child's Health and Happiness

We specialize in caring for your little ones, providing a warm and welcoming environment where every child’s health and well-being is our top priority.

Our approach is gentle, attentive, and always centered on your child’s needs.


Enhancing Your Skin's Health and Beauty

Our clinic is dedicated to nurturing your skin’s health, offering innovative treatments and expert advice.

We understand the importance of healthy skin and work towards enhancing your natural beauty with our personalized and gentle approach.


Comprehensive Care for Your Overall Well-being

Our clinic offers a holistic approach to your health, with a focus on preventative care and general wellness.

Our experienced team provides attentive and personalized services, ensuring that all aspects of your health are cared for with the utmost dedication and expertise.


Advanced Ultrasound Imaging for Accurate Diagnostics

Equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, our clinic offers precise and non-invasive imaging services.

Our skilled technicians ensure a comfortable experience, providing clear images that aid in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

Ultrasound diagnostics

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If you’re in need of clarification, have questions about specific tests or procedures, or simply want to inquire about our services, we’re here to help. Reach out to us through our chat support for prompt assistance or call us directly for more personalized guidance.

We understand that healthcare can be complex, and we are dedicated to providing you with the answers and support you need to make informed decisions about your health.