Bridging Healthcare and Language: The Avicena Approach

In today’s globalized world, the intersection of language and healthcare has never been more pertinent. For the Ukrainian community in Poland, especially those still acclimating to a new language and culture, finding healthcare that speaks their mother tongue is not just a convenience—it’s a crucial element of their wellbeing. At Avicena, we prioritize this connection, ensuring that no one is lost in translation when it comes to their health.

The Language of Care

Language barriers in healthcare can lead to misunderstandings, misdiagnoses, and inadequate treatment. For many Ukrainian immigrants and visitors in Poland, these barriers are a daily reality. Recognizing this, Avicena offers services in Ukrainian, Polish, and English, ensuring that patients can express their health concerns and understand their treatment plans in their preferred language.

Personal Stories

Consider the story of Anna, a recent Ukrainian immigrant, who struggled to explain her symptoms to a doctor who didn’t speak her language. The frustration and anxiety she experienced were alleviated when she visited Avicena, where she could communicate freely in Ukrainian. This level of understanding allowed for accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan that Anna could fully comprehend and follow.

Beyond Words

Effective communication in healthcare is more than just exchanging words. It’s about understanding cultural contexts, recognizing emotional cues, and building a relationship of trust. When patients can communicate in their native language, they are more likely to be forthcoming about their symptoms, ask critical questions, and adhere to treatment plans.


At Avicena, we believe that language inclusivity is a cornerstone of effective healthcare. We are committed to serving the diverse linguistic needs of our community, ensuring that every patient is heard, understood, and cared for in the language that resonates with them. Your health is our priority, and we speak the language of care.

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